CSCI101 Sarah Dawkins


I love the great outdoors. It's only befitting of me that my favorite activities are outdoors. The easiest way to take your mind off of something is to take a really nice hike. The best part is doing it with great people. Friends and the memories you make together on these trips will stay with you for a lifetime. Beautiful scenery along the way is not so bad either. The wind picking up and the great smell of pine just hitting you in the face, is something I can not seem to get enough of.

When I can not seem to get out into the woods shopping and relaxing are great too. Shopping therapy is much needed after A long week of stressful exams. Relaxing in my hammock all day doesn't sound so bad either. Although sometimes when I just can't seem to get out that day, a comfy bed and netflix sounds nice too. There are many things I enjoy doing from relaxing to working up a sweat outdoors. As long as you enjoy your time while you have it, thats all that matters.


The following links are a few of my favorite parks and waterfall.